Our Mission

 It's quite simple really, we just want to share our love of flavour with as many people as possible.



The values that drive us ........ 

Creating new flavours is what we do best, as long as there's still flavour to discover, we won't stop creating.

We don't define ourselves by our product range, so there's no end to where we could go


We will do everything we a to deliver a flavour experience to you. Asian Influence was founded by a chef with a passion for sharing food. In the future, we hope to provide catering services so that we can bring the full dining experience to you   


We have a different idea of authenticity at Asian Influence. Some poeple have an idea of an authentic brownie recipe or an authentic kimchi recipe. We beleive in authentic ingredients and flavours. To stick to the original recipe is to lose out on discovering new flavours.

We use our understanding of techniques and recipes to create new authentic flavours.


Our vision is shaped by you and your experience, as long as we can keep delighting you with new and unusual experiences on your journey of flavour discovery we're doing our job.

A Vision Beyond Brownies...