Terms & Conditions

Make sure you take a look at our terms of service before making a purchase. These set out the legal agreements between Asian Influence and you the consumer when you make a purchase from our online store.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy explains how we use, disclose and manage your personal information. There is some information we must collect for payment

Allergen statement

REturn policy

We include a list of all the ingredients that go into each of our products. We also highlight every allergens with capitals in the ingredient list.

Whilst we take every care to prevent cross contamination when we make our products, we are a very small operation and cannot guarantee with absolute certainty that there will be presence of certain allergens. Furthermore some of the ingredients we use are manufactured in locations where certain allergens are present

We are not able to accomodate returns due to the nature of the product we deliver. Should your delivery experience damage or missing items you must contact us within 12 hours of receipt of your order.
Should you wish to cancel an order, you must inform us within 12 hours of placing the original order, this will be cancelled and a refund will be issued. 
Should you be dissatisfied with the product you receive, please contact us with your complaint, we will investigate further. Any compensation deemed necessary shall not exceed the original cost of your purchase.
We also understand that there are all manner of reasons you may wish to request a refund, we will treat every request on an individual basis, if you wish to request a refund please contact us directly