My love for cooking grew far beyond baking, I began working as a chef. Being self taught I was able to explore the techniques and flavours that excited me most. I found that I was always drawn to Asian cuisine. 

I discovered a new passion competing with my original love of baking. Throughout my studies and my working life, I spent all of my free time developing my understanding of Asian ingredients. Using my understanding of flavours & technique, I began to go beyond authentic recipes and create new flavours that din't fit belong exclusively to any cuisine

The one thing that held me back from starting my business was trying to decide which passion I wanted to purse more.

My love of baking started with cookies. I became obsessed from a very young age with creating the perfect soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe. I took a very scientific approach to baking, experimenting with ratios to create the perfect cookies. Once I'd mastered cookies set my sights on brownies, then patisserie

My cookies became famous amongst my friends and families and soon my brownies followed suit. It wasn't long before people told me I should start selling them.

I briefly began selling them during my second year of Uni, but there was always something missing for me. I loved cookies, but I felt like there was still so much to discover.

It started with cookies
Extra large chocolate chip cookie
Then came the Asian inspitation 
Sweet Chilli Jam
a concept was born
Assortment of Brownies
Still growing and exploring
Chocolate & Banana tartlet

For me 2020 was not the year of the COVID pandemic, but the year the penny finally dropped. I didn't need to choose between baking and Asian flavours. 

I never played by the rules when it came to flavour anyway. Those who know me well always trust me to come up with something unique, but always delicious. I wanted to deliver that same experience to people that don't know me.

I knew it would be risky to bring something so different to the market, but I was and still am confident in my understanding of flavour and technique. So I develped my range of brownies and cookies inspired by Asian flavours. 

Asian Influence is about reintroducing people to flavours they think they already know. It's about using authentic flavours and recipes to create a new experience of authentic. 

It started with mail-order brownies & cookies, the range has already expanded beyond this...

This is just the begining, theres so much more to be inspried by