The ultimate gift box filled with..


6 Miso & Black Sesame Brownies 

- soft and fudgy with a flavour like no other. Think salted caramel meets peanut butter!


4 Banana & Miso Cookies 

-soft and chewy cookies packed full of rich 70% cocoa dark chocolate chunks. The sweet tropical flavour of banana is perfectly balanced by the salty almost caramel like flavour the miso adds.


1 bag of Banana & Miso Fudge

- soft and crumbly, so sweet and so addictive.

We gurantee you'll be making someone very happy with this box of goodies. Try it once and you'll fall in love!


*please note the images used are representations of what to expect we can guarantee we will only ever improve our packaging though!

You Make Miso Happy

  • Both cookies and brownies are packaged in the same way and have the same shelf life of 14 days. Once opened transfer to an airtight container or wrap well and consume within a week.

    Fudge has a shelf life of 21 days and once opened should be transfered to an airtight container or wrapped well and stored in the fridge.