You either love it or hate it, but we all know that one person that loves coconut. Why not treat them to this box full of coconut treats. 


Whats inside..


6 Pandan & Coconut Brownies

-Rich and indulgent with the earthy vanilla flavour pandan, mellowed out by the sweet tropical flavour of coconut.


4 Coconut & Lime Cookies

-Soft and chewy full of 70% dark belgian chocolate chunks. The sharp zest of lime is mellowed and balanced with the sweetness of coconut.


1 Bag of Coconut & Lime Chocolate Fudge

-Soft, crumbly and addictively sweet


It's like a tropical paradise in a box!


*please note the images used are a representation of the actual product and the packaging may look slightly different, but we guarantee we will only ever improve our presentation.

I'm Coco-nuts about you

  • Brownies & Cookies are both packaged the same and have the same shelf life of 14 days, once opened transfer to an airtight container or wrap well. Consume within a week of opening to enjoy them at their best.

    Fudge has a shelf life of 21 days. Once opened transfer to an airtight containter or wrap well and keep in the frigde.