Choose any 3 flavours of soft, crumbly chocolate fudge. Each bag is the perfect little sweet treat!


A little help choosing...


Chilli & Star Anise-

Just a touch of spice to get your taste buds excited, with the subtle contrast of sweet anise all perfectly balanced by the rich intensity of dark chocolate


Orange & Chilli-

The focus is on the citrus punch of orange which is complemented by the touch of chillli. Slightly sweeter but just as rich.


Orange & Cardamom-

The cardamom brings out the fragrance of orange, creating a more aromatic orange flavour which balances beautifully with the intensity of dark chocolate


Banana & Miso-

Banana & Miso provides the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, with the sweet tropical hit of banana and the subtle saltiness from miso. Think salted caramel and banoffee.


Coconut & Lime -

A customer favourite, what makes this flavour different from other coconut and lime treats? The emphasis is on the sharp zest of lime, which is then mellowed by the sweet warmth of coconut.


  • Once opened transfer to the fridge in an airtight container or wrap well.

    All fudge has a shelf life of 3 weeks.