Rich and chewy cookies  packed full of chocolate chips just as delicious cookies should be! These cookies have an extra little flavour twist though. 


Find your favourite in our 9 uniquely tasty options...



Orange & Cardamom - with a cocoa drizzle and candied orange
There are three words to perfectly describe this flavour. Sweet, citrus and fragrant. The sweetness is in the soft chewy cookie, the citrus comes from the sharp hit of orange with the final element of fragrance  from the subtle addition of cardamom. The cardamom is added to enhance the orange flavour, rather than to be a main flavour itself.

Coconut & Lime - with a sweet lime drizzle and dessicated coconut
You don't need to love coconut to love this flavour, you just need a sweet tooth. The sharp zest of lime controls the often overwhelming coconut, just before it becomes too sweet, you get the hit of rich dark chocolate.

White Chocolate & Lychee- no decoration needed
Sweet and floral, a refreshing contrast to your typical chocolate cookie. Lychee is a citrus fruit with very little sourness and an element of rose in it's flavour.  It really is a flavour like no other.

Chilli & Star Anise- with a cocoa drizzle and a sprinkling of chilli flakes
now you get the full chocolate experience. The spices work to highlight the rich intensity of dark chocolate, the chilli just adds a hint of excitement, whilst star anise adds a complex sweetness. Your tastebuds will come alive.

Banana & Miso-  with a cocoa drizzle
Who knew that this was such a beautiful flavour combination! It can't really be described, its just magical and you have to try it.

Honey Ginger & Sesame - with a sprinkling of sesame seeds
Floraly sweet, slightly nutty and a warming spice.The cookie itself is a blend of ginger spice and nutty sesame. The honey comes in as a sweet glaze on the surface, so that the flavour doesn't get lost.

Orange & Chilli- with a cocoa drizzle and candied orange
It sounds like theres a lot going on here, but all the flavours balance each other out. With a rich cocoa based dough, warming spices and the sweet fragrance of orange,this flavour is a sensory indulgence for your taste buds.

Pandan, Banana & Coconut-
Pandan will definitely divide opinion so proceed with caution, it has a very complex flavour with a similar taste to rice, coconut, banana and nuts. This makes it quite difficult to pinpoint a specific overal flavour. If you've never tried it before, you might not like it, but once you become accustomed to the flavour, you may start to love it.

Cardamom & Lychee

Rich, sweet and floral. If yoy love turkish delight then you need to try this


Cookie Box

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