6 Rich, indulgent and fudgey brownies made with high quality dark belgian chocolate. Everything you could want in a brownie!


We don't stop there though, discover the next level of indulgence and find your favourite flavour, we have 9 to choose from. 


A little Help Choosing....


Chilli & Star Anise - Rich and intense 

The subtle spice of chilli, with the sweet aroma of star anise intensifies the richness of dark chocolate. Dark, fudgey and not overly sweet, these brownies have a lot to say to your tastebuds.

Orange & Cardamom - Dark & fragrant.

The slight savoury note of cardamom, highlights the fragrance of sweet orange. Similar to star anise & chilli the intensity of dark chocolate is a highlight., these  are not too sweet and very rich and indulgent.

Coconut & Lime- Oh so sweet

Don't write these off because of the coconut, even coconut haters love this flavour combination. The sweet creamy coconut is restrained by the addition of sharp zesty lime. Less rich and much more sweet. This is one of the most popular flavours.

Miso & Black Sesame- Sweet, salty & nutty 

The most popular flavour so far. The concept was to creat a hybrid of salted caramel and peanut butter. With creamy slightly sweet and salt miso and the nutty aroma of black sesame, these brownies are indulgent, sticky & delicious.

Banana & Miso-  Better than banoffee

It sounds strange, but this is a flavour combination that is naturally amazing. The complex sweetness from banana is balanced beautifully by the salty miso. The savoury notes from miso, balance the sweetness.

Honey, Ginger & Sesame- Warm and comforting

A good contrast to coconut & lime or orange & cardamom.

A floral sweetness from the honey glaze, combined with the warming spice of ginger and subtly nuttiness of sesame seeds.. This flavour is subtle and warming.

Orange & Chilli- Subtly spiced 

The subtle spice of chilli paired with the sweet citrus of orange. Less fragrant than orange and cardamom and slightly sweeter. Still rich and indulgent with dark chocolate 

Pandan & Coconut- Rich and indulgent

A flavour for the more adventurous. Pandan is difficult to describe, it has a slightly earthy vanilla flavour. You'll love it or hate it, but if you don't try you'll never know!

Cardamom & Lychee- Sweet & Fragrant

Rich, sweet and floral. If yoy love turkish delight then you need to try this


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