Think about who makes you happy this valentines day

Love it or hate it, this year I think Valentines day is something we should all celebrate, whether your in a relationship or not. After nearly a year of social distancing, I think we all deserve a little bit of love!

Do we really need Valentines day?

Well no of course we don't need it, but honestly I just love any reason to celebrate! It's been a pretty dull year being separated from the people I love and right now I'll grab on to any chance to show them I'm thinking of them. If this year has taught me anything, it's to appreciate the people that make me happy, because I didn't realise how much of a difference they made until I had the option of seeing them taken away.

What's the real meaning of Valentines day?

Traditionally Valentines day is a festival to celebrate all types of love. We all have our own customs though, in western culture we tend to associate it with men showering romantic gifts on women.

In Japan however, it's the women that give gifts (specifically chocolate) to men. It doesn't have to be a romantic gesture either. There are three types of chocolate with three different meanings; "hommei choco" has a romantic meaning, "Tommo" choco has a meaning of friendship and affection and "giri choco" has a meaning of obligation (to colleagues etc) then one month later men are meant to return the flavour. It's all a bit complex isn't it!

Lets just keep it simple.

To me I think the best way to celebrate love is to make the people that make me happy, happy in return. Thats where the meaning behind my giftbox "you make miso happy" comes in. This slideshow shows my favourite peoples favourite things. My miso inspired flavours are some of my family and friends favourites, so I decided to create a special giftbox to show them how much I care about them. I've added a special voucher for 25% off this particular box so that you can share the happiness with your loved ones this Valentines day! just use the code MAKEMEHAPPY valid until the 14th of march.

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