Giving you inspiration this Mother's day

It's pretty unavoidable that Mother's day will be a bit different this year but, so let's just embrace it and celebrate it a little differently too. After months of being stuck at home with not much to do, I'm sure mothers everywhere could do with a little pick me up. So have a little read of this alternative Mother's day guide adapted for lockdown with an extra little Asian inspiration.

A green-fingered alternative to flowers

Flowers are lovely to look at but then after a week or two you just end up throwing them out. If your Mum loves a bit of gardening, send her something that will actually grow better over time rather than die in front of her eyes (maybe that’s a little dramatic). The best gift I ever got my Mum was a mushroom growing kit and the best gift my sister got her was a chilli growing kit! Do you know how I know she loved them? Because she loved sending pictures of her journey into cultivation.

An artistic twist on the usual jewellery gift

Give your Mum little pieces of art to wear on her ears with some origami earrings. Did you know the origami crane is meant to symbolise happiness and good luck, the legend is if you fold 1000 paper cranes, your wish will become true? These earrings from Etsy come with a piece of origami paper and instructions, so you could challenge her to a virtual crane folding competition, maybe one of you will get your wish!

Give her a reunion to really look forward too

Why do we keep saying things have been cancelled? Somethings can just be postponed, so what if you can't do something on the 14th of March, just give the promise of something. These days, one of the best gifts is something to look forward to anyway. I'm sure she'll have months of pent up lockdown tension and stress ready to be released, so how about giving her a voucher for an Indian head massage and plan a spa day for her.

Give her some culinary inspiration

We’ve all approached lockdown boredom in our own way and for some people, that’s been cooking. If that sounds like your Mum, it might just be the perfect timing to send her something new to experiment with. After all, a couple of months of lockdown is a long time to keep coming up with fresh ideas. Inspire her with a sushi-making kit when you've run out of things to do, you need something challenging. Sushi definitely fits the bill, it's supposed to take 10 years to become an expert, so it should keep her nice and busy!

A gift inspired by my own Mum

I get my appetite for sweet treats from my Dad, but my love of flavour from my Mum. She was always experimenting with new flavours and ingredients, the first thing I said to my Mum when she picked me up from school was always "what's for tea tonight?" It was only because she always had something exciting. She introduced me to some of my favourite ingredients like star anise, ginger and my personal favourite miso. She even taught me to love things I thought I hated like coconut! These days, the tables have turned and I'm the one introducing her to new flavours. She's always the first person to try a new flavour and I have her savage honesty to thank for the quality of the flavours that make it into the range. If your Mum's a flavour connoisseur too, she might just love our special mothers day treatbox

A little note: All the recommendations in this post are based on gifts I've either given or received not on any partnerships or arrangements with other sellers

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