This Month we're Celebrating Coconut & Lime

Not convinced about coconut yet? prepare to change your mind!

Brownies delivered UK wide in
Time for coconut & Lime to take the spotlight

You either love it or hate it right?

But if that was the case, why is coconut such a popular ingredient across Asia! You'll find it in desserts and savouries a like, in fact you'd really have trouble avoiding coconut if you went Southeast Asia, especially if you want a dessert.

It's all about balance

Coconut is a very overwhelming flavour, but that doesn't mean it's unpleasant. You just need a balance. Thats where the lime comes in! In Asian cooking usually you would see lime and coconut paired in savoury dishes, but the basic fact is that coconut & lime work together, and this translates just as easily to desserts. The sharp zest of lime is the perfect counterpart to the sweet, milky coconut flavour.

If your still not convinced, let's be honest any flavour served to you in the form of a soft, fudgy chocolate brownie is going to be delicious!

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