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We've all had to adapt over the last year, I hadn't originally planned to take my business directly online but the pandemic left me with little choice. Now almost a year down the line, I finally have the chance to join my local farmers market. I want to share with you why being a part of this community is so important to me and my business.

Being able to share more of my creations

Don’t get me wrong, I love brownies & cookies and I’m very happy to have them in my range, originally however that wasn’t all I had planned. When it comes to baking my first love in sweet pastry, my first choice at any patisserie would be an individual sweet tart. It always seems the things I love to eat myself, are also the things I make best. Unfortunately, sending these delicate little treats in the post is just not something I want to risk, protective packaging only goes so far. In fact, there are quite a few creations I’ve been keeping on hold for the time being for that same reason. Finally being able to offer a collection point with Haverfordwest food hub has set the reins free a bit more in terms of creativity!

individual sweet tarts

Being a part of a community

There's one thing I feel I've missed out on by having to take my business straight online. There's always a sense of community at a market or a festival, everybody involved is there for the same reason, they love what they do and they want to share it with others. I've worked at festivals in the past and I've never felt a huge sense of competitiveness between traders, more than anything there's a feeling of mutual support. It might be a virtual presence, but I'm happy to finally join a community of amazing producers dedicated to their craft.

Produce at its best

freshly baked bread

Is there anything better than picking the freshest fruit and vegetables and the smell of freshly baked goods? when you go to a market, it's almost like everything's been produced just for you. There's almost a feeling of exclusivity knowing that everything is fresh, nothing has been sitting on a shelf for days. I know my brownies & cookies are still delicious by day 14, in fact, I'm still happy to eat them on day 21. For my customers, on the other hand, freshness is a priority. I always bake fresh to order, it still pains me that they have to spend any time in the post, even though I know they won't lose any quality.

fresh carrots, leeks and potato

Everything you need in one place

You could argue that a supermarket offers you everything you need in one place. A supermarket indeed offers convenience, but with so much variety, you lose quality. There's no passion in mass production, whilst your supermarket has everything you need and more, a market has just what you need, no more and no less, especially when it comes to packaging!

Make sure you check out your local producers!

There's more to discover than just sweet treats! Think bread, meat, fruit, and veg, pretty much all you need for your weekly shop. If you don't already know about it, check out the open food network

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