We're more than just mailorder brownies..

We can't send everything through the post but we'll keep working on expanding our reach so that more people can enjoy our food! In the meantime take a look at what we've got going on behind the scenes 


Whether it's experimenting with new flavours or new product ideas, there's always something happening in the test kitchen. 

Every new product goes through several stages of quality testing before we start selling it, so sometimes it may take some time until you can actually buy some of the things we're working on.


Flavours we're working on- 

Miso caramel & Orange, Miso Caramel & Black Sesame & Miso Caramel & Banana

Completely vegan by complete accident, we didn't even realise until we'd made the first batch.

Currently we're working on shelf life and packaging but you can expect to see our popcorn soon!


Flavours we're working on- 

Miso & Banana, 

Sweet potato & Smoked cheese

At the moment these are just our favourite snack. But they're so tasty we want to share them! Hopefully one day  we'll be able to turn these into soemthing you can try!

street food.jpg
Street Food

The best things in life are worth waiting for...

This has always been part of the long-term plan for the business. Right now we're working on developing ideas and experimenting with recipes.

We don't have a date set yet but, when the time is right the time is right.


If only patisserie wasn't too delicate for the post

If you're local to Haverfordwest on the other hand, you can find our lovely, little, delicate tartlets at the virtual farmers market on the open food network 

trio of tarts.jpg