Things to look forward to...

Whether it's experimenting with new flavours or new product ideas, there's always something happening in the test kitchen. 

Every new product goes through several stages of quality testing before we start selling it, so sometimes it may take some time until you can actually buy some of the things we're working on.


Some are nearly there, but some just aren't suitable for postage so you may not see them for a long time. You can still take a peek though!


Flavours we're working on- 

Miso caramel & Orange, Miso Caramel & Black Sesame & Miso Caramel & Banana

Popcorn is a very nostalgic treat, it brings back memories of going to the cinema or making popcorn at home with your parents. We're working on giving it a bit of amodern makeover! Expect to see it soon!


Flavours we're working on- 

Miso & Banana, 

Sweet potato & Smoked cheese

At the moment these are just our favourite snack,. But they're so tasty we want to share them! Hopefully one day in the future we'll be able to turn these into a product for you to try!

Street Food

ETA- Summer 2022

This has always been part of the long term plan for the business. Right now we're working on developing the perfect menu.

We can't wait to share a whole new world of flavour with you 


If only patisserie wasn't too delicate for the post

a whole range of sweet tartlets are ready to be launched. We're still working on getting these on the market however. 

Think banana and miso caramel, pineapple jam and so much more...


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All orders placed before 9am Monday will be dispatched the following day. 

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