Flavour developed with passion and expertise

Each recipe is uniquely designed to highlight the flavour we want to showcase. they all star with a recipe based on perfect ratios, we then adapt this to create the perfect balance of flavours for an indulgent experience you'll never forget.

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Think peanut butter meets salted caramel

Two ingredients very commonly used in Asia, however one is more akin to desserts than the other. Black sesame is already commonly used in Asian desserts, for its lovely nutty flavour which any peanut butter fan will love. Miso is not so commonly used in desserts. However it has a naturally sweet salty flavour reminiscant of salted caramel. This is one of our customer favourites because it's just pure indulgence.

Black Sesame & Miso

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discover the joy of coconut

Coconut is a very polarising flavour, however it's a much loved ingredient across Asia sweet and savoury cooking.

We think the key to unlocking the flavour of coconut, so everyone can enjoy it, is all about balance. Thats why the lime is actually more important than you might think. The sharp zest of lime provides the much needed sour contrast to the mellow sometimes overhwleming flavour of coconut. We've created the perfect balance of these two powerful flavours, which our customers love (even people that don't usually like coconut!)

Coconut & Lime

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We're not done with chilli yet

Chilli & chocolate just isn't exciting enough anymore. The chilli itself is not really there to add flavour of it's own, but to enhance the flavours of the other elements. With this recipe we want to highlight the sweetness in dark chocolate, which often incredibly rich. We add just the right amount of star anise, for a subtle sweet anise flavour, which blends easily witht the slight spice of chilli. 

It's really not as scary as it sounds,try it and find out!

Chilli & Star anise

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Reimagining Banoffee

Banana is a common staple in Asian desserts and we saw an opportunity that couldn't be missed. If we were going to take on banana, it had to be our own version of banoffee!

The miso adds a much needed subtle salty contrast to the mellow sweetness of banana. At the same time, the natural sweetness of miso also blends harmoniously into the mix, so you end up with the perfect balance between sweet and salt.

Banana & Miso

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Plain chocolate orange won't be enough anymore

In Asian cooking, cardamom is mainly used as a spice in curries. It provides a powerful fragrant flavour, which works exceptionally in savoury cooking. You might be surprised to find however, that fragrance blends beautifully with the bright citrus of orange. 

You experience a whole new level of flavour when chocolate, orange and cardamom meet, creating a rich and indulgent experience like no other.


Cardamom & Orange

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For the ultimate sweet tooth

Lychee is becoming more common in the UK over recent years, but we won't judge if you haven't tried it. It's flavour is difficult to describe by comparison to other fruits, because it's quite unique. Perhaps best described as a combination of raspberries, strawberries and rose petal.

This is currently only available as cookies and our only product with white chocolate. There really is nothing else like the light floral sweetness of lychee paired with the mellow creamy white chocolate.

incredibly simple and effective. 

White chocolate & Lychee

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Sweet & nutty

This is one of the only flavours inspired by an actual dessert. Specifically a korean cookie called yakgwa, commonly made with sesame seeds, honey and ginger. We've taken these elements and balanced them with the rich indulgence of dark chocolate, so think of it as a chocolatey take on a korean classic

Honey glazed ginger & Sesame

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The asian vanilla

pandan is commonly described as resembling the flavour of vanilla. We think it's best described as richer more earthy vanilla. It may sound strange but it's a difficult flavour to put into words. You may not like it the first time you taste it because it's so unlike anything your used to. It's a staple of Asian desserts though and we understand why. 

It pairs beautifully with high cocoa content rich dark chocolate and the mellow warmth of coconut. You might be surprised by how rich and indulgent this flavour is!

Pandan & Coconut

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An even richer chocolate orange experience

At one time chocolate and chilli was a foreign concept. Nowadays its almost mainsteam. We want to take it further though. Chilli provides more of an experience than anything else, just enough to get your taste buds excited. it allows you to experience the full flavour vibrance of orange, intensifying the rich chocolate orange flavour we all love.

Incredibly simple but incredibly effective 

orange & Chilli

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for the turkish delight lovers

We never really considered pairing lychee with dark chocolate, it was actually an experiment we assumed would fail. How wrong we were, pairing lychee with dark chocolate offers a whole new richer experience. The cardamom then adds an extra element of fragrance which offsets the powerful sweetness of lychee. 

Thjs is a very rich and indulgent flavour, a complete contrast to the lightness of white chocolate & lychee.

Cardamom & Lychee

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create your own combination