Frequently asked questions

Packaging and Storage

How long do they last?

All our treats are dispatched within 24 hours of being produced. We seal them in airtight polythene bags as soon as we can to minimise the amount of time they're exposed. Brownies & Cookies have a shelf lfie of 14 days to be enjoyed at there best. You will need to wrap them well or transfer to an airtight container once opened. If not stored properly they will deteriorate faster. Fudge has a shelf life of 21 days and we recommend wrapping well and storing in the fridge once opened, because it is chocolate fudge it can start to melt a little in high termperatures,

How will it arrive

We always try our best to package your items in letterbox friendly packaging. The standard UK letterbox size is 254mm x 38mm. However it really depends on the amount you order, theres only so many treats that'll fit through a UK letterbox! We make sure your items are fully protected using eco bubble wrap and all of our packaging is recycled or recyclable!

How do I dispose of the packaging

Take a look at this page ( link below) for all the details you need on our packaging! Environmental Policy

So far these are the only questions we've been asked! If you have any more questions please get in contact.