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Based in the heart of St Davids, Grain brings 
together incredible local craft beer from Bluestone
Brewing company, exceptional coffee from extract coffee roaster, handmade stonebaked pizza and our unique range of brownies .


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The open food network offers a new way to support local producers. You can pre-order our range of baked goods for weekly collection at either the Haverfordwest food hub or Peninsula food hub. 
You'll also find an incredible and diverse range of local produce alongside our sweet treats!


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What People are saying

"They smell like a really rich chocolate brownie. All is well! I think I’d half expected to not like them!
There was no need to be dubious! They’re rich and chocolatey with a subtle undertone of earthy miso."

Probably the best cookies/brownies you will ever taste!
I swear I have never had such a delicious brownie. Slightly crunchie on the outside and orgasmicaĺly creamy on the inside. Orange and Cardamom🤤🤤

I’m not usually a big fan of coconut but this cookie was delicious. The tartness of the lime really complemented the coconut and had me reaching for more. This was for sure my fave 

What makes our Brownies & cookies special?

Combining passion and expertise, we develop new and exciting flavours to give you a truly unique sweet experience. They might not be the treats that you're used to, but maybe it's time you tried something new.

If your idea of perfect is a rich & fudgy brownie, or a soft & chewy cookie you've come to the right place because we're on a mission to give you that and more.

  We take inspiration from the recipes, cuisine, and ingredients of Asia to give you an even more indulgent experience. 

Our bakes are still sweet and full of chocolate, the Asian influence doesn't take any of that away. In fact, it just makes your experience richer, try them once and you'll never settle for normal again. So if you allow yourself at least one treat this week make it count!

Latest News

Every flavour begins with a spark of inspiration. Whether it's just one ingredient, a whole recipe or a cultural phenomenon like Vietnamese coffee. We take this initial spark and begin to think of ways to reimagine the original concept.

We start with authentic recipes, then we see how we can take these in a new direction. Trialling different combinations to see what works and what doesn't. Our goal is to find something new so we can continue exciting you on your flavour journey.

Once we've decided on our perfect combination of flavours, we start adapting it to our recipes. We always take a scientific approach to ensure no matter what flavour we're making, our brownies are always fudgy and our cookies are always soft and chewy

This is our favourite part, now we can start sharing our new flavours with everybody. We love to get feedback on our bakes because it means we can make sure our recipe is as perfect as it can be. Once we're completely happy we treat our new bakes to a little photo shoot to show them looking their best

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Image by Jon Spectacle